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Who can partake in this training?

In the State of Hawaii this workshop is open to anyone interested for self knowledge, to explore the potential to offer Eyelash Extensions as a service.  With the intention to pursue an Esthetician, Cosmetologist or Barbers License.

Where can I find detailed information:

Each State Board has a set of Rules and Regulations. Contact your State Board of Cosmetology.

It is the participants responsibility to obtain and understand this information.

Any details for the State of Hawaii?

In the State of Hawaii Eyelash Extension services are covered under Estheticians, Cosmetologist and Barbers Licenses. One of these licensing is required to offer eyelash extension services to the public as a business in a salon or spa.

Where are workshops available in the the State of Hawaii?

Workshops are available with visiting product lines as well as local workshops.

Resource your Educators Background and Experience.

Also available on-line.

Many opportunities for all, select what best suits your needs

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